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  • Colorado real estate brokerage 8z Real Estate expands into homebuying

    Becomes latest company to jump on iBuyer trend
    In a move that’s becoming more and more commonplace, Colorado real estate brokerage 8z Real Estate revealed this week that it plans to begin buying and selling houses directly from the market. The company, which has 15 offices in Colorado and did more than $1 billion in real estate sales last year, is calling its iBuyer offering 8z Offers.
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  • Zillow is now buying and selling homes in Denver

    Company utilizing Zillow Instant Offers to purchase homes in market
    Zillow flipped the real estate industry on its head when it announced plans to join the home selling business, launching “Zillow Instant Offers,” an instant gamechanger. Today the company announced in addition to serving Phoenix, Las Vegas and Atlanta markets, the platform will now be available in Denver.
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