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  • Ellevest CEO: Women are not a niche market

    Women are half of the population, how come they don't invest like it?
    Women are half of the world's population, but you wouldn't know that by looking at how they invest their money. In a fireside chat at the Lendit Fintech Conference in San Francisco, Ellevest CEO and Co-Founder Sallie Krawcheck detailed what it takes to get women more involved with investing their money and wealth.
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  • World's biggest banks rated on gender pay equality, here's how they fared

    This bank was the only one among 46 companies to nab an A rating
    Gender pay equality has been a hot topic in recent years as a clear and persistent gender gap in compensation has come to light across industries. Now, two companies are taking steps to hold large corporations accountable, publishing a Gender Pay Scorecard that ranks 46 of the world's largest companies based on pay equity. Companies operating in the mortgage space were among them and – with one notable exception – they didn't fare so well.
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  • Goldman Sachs is going to hire more women

    Bank is expanding hiring program that seeks to diversify the company
    Goldman Sachs announced it is expanding its year-old program to add more diverse employees to the company worldwide, according to an article from CNBC. The big bank says that half of its new analysts and entry-level associates must be women. The bank also, for the first time, issued goals for it to meet in hiring blacks and Latinos.
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