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  • How much equity can you extract with a reverse mortgage? This calculator will tell you

    Retirement researcher Wade Pfau's online tool breaks it down
    A well-known figure in the retirement income world, Wade Pfau has been vocal about the benefits of using a reverse mortgage to fend against financial shocks in retirement. Pfau has published a series of articles about reverse mortgages, seeking to demystify the product and explain strategies for its use. In his latest, he offers an online calculator to help homeowners estimate the amount of proceeds they could obtain through the loan.
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  • Should you use home equity to delay Social Security?

    The CFPB warned against it, but experts say it works
    For some time, reverse mortgage lenders touted a strategy that involves obtaining a HECM early on in retirement in order to delay taking Social Security, therefore maximizing its benefit. But then the CFPB issued a warning against it. Now, retirement researchers and financial advisors say the strategy still has real merit, but suitability depends on a case-by-case basis.
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