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  • House Bill Calls for Consumer Financial Protection Agency

    Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., on Wednesday introduced HR 3126, a House bill that would enact President Obama’s plan to create the Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA). Proponents said in establishing the CFPA, HR 3126 -- The Consumer Financial Protection Agency Act of 2009 -- strengthens protection for consumers who purchase financial products like mortgages, credit cards and other loans from banks and non-bank financial institutions.
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  • On the Housing Crisis: Time to Stop the Bleeding, Bair Says

    Enough is enough, suggested Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. chairman Sheila Bair before an audience at the New America Foundation conference. "[W]e're still very much behind the curve," in modifying loans to prevent foreclosures, she said.  "We need a fast-track, nationwide effort." Critics say we can end the housing crisis without modifying troubled mortgages -- call that a "myth," Bair said.  "Unnecessary foreclosures are a very serious threat to a housing recovery."
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  • Pelosi: No Further TARP Funding Without Homeowner Help

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said on Tuesday that any effort by Bush administration officials to access further funding via the U.S. Treasury's Troubled Asset Relief Program must come with a plan to help troubled homeowners stay in their home, the latest salve to be fired in a growing battle over government's role in attempting to fix the nation's growing number of bad mortgages.
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  • GAO on TARP: Critical Gaps Need Mending

    The first outside assessment into the Treasury's Troubled Asset Relief Program since its introduction a few months back revealed a far less-than-perfect report card, according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office. In a report released Tuesday, the GAO said additional actions "are "needed to better ensure integrity, accountability, and transparency" relative to TARP spending activity.
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