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  • CoreLogic gives University Data Portal an upgrade

    Now shows foreclosure data and market trends
    “These enhancements significantly expand the scope of research that can be performed through use of the CoreLogic University Data Portal and provide deep insight into the most seismic real estate event of the last 80 years: the mortgage and foreclosure crisis,” said CoreLogic Chief Economist Frank Nothaft.
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  • SIFMA Sees Real GDP Growth in 2010

    [Update 1] The Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) correctly predicted the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting today would conclude with no change to the 0-0.25% range for the federal funds rate set by the Federal Reserve.
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  • Housing Prices Yet to Stop Dropping

    By no surprise, U.S. housing prices continued on a downward slide in February. In a report released Tuesday, Integrated Asset Services, LLC, a provider of default management and residential collateral valuations, reports a 3% month-over-month drop in home prices during the month.
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  • Recession Pressures Global Economy

    The global economy may shrink to within five percentage points below its potential -- the first shrink since World War II, according to estimates released Sunday by World Bank. For some 129 of the poorer, developing countries, the downturn will be felt keenly, with the World Bank estimating these countries are short from $270 to $700 billion.
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  • Economist Sees Ray of Hope for Home Prices

    The rate of decline in home prices across key U.S. markets continued to slow in October compared to one year earlier, evidence of what one economist says may be a forming trough in home price depreciation. A home price index published by First American CoreLogic, released earlier this week, found that home prices across the country declined 10.4 percent in October, representing a slight improvement over Sept.'s reported 11.2 percent decline.
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  • Economic Picture Pressures Housing, Foreclosures

    In applied statistics, it's called the second derivative -- the basic concept of a derivative can be thought of as how much a quantity is changing at some given point, and a second derivative is the measure of how much that change is itself changing. While it's a somewhat obtuse concept, it describes to a tee what's now being seen in many of the nation's housing markets, according to data issued Wednesday by First American CoreLogic.
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  • Prices Fall in 16 of 20 Major Housing Markets

    Prices of properties listed for sale continued to fall in December, dropping in 16 of 20 major markets, while West Coast cities lead the charge. According to a report from real estate research firms Altos Research and Real IQ, released late Wednesday, San Francisco saw average home prices drop 4.6 percent during the past three months, while Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles and Detroit all registered price declines of over 3 percent.
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