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  • The misdirection of the risk-retention mob mentality

    The recent firestorm in the press over the qualified residential mortgage proposal, risk retention — and the unlikely alignment of mortgage financiers and consumer groups — make for amusing reads, but largely miss the point as it relates to the secondary markets. Amid the overt cynicism, trite claims of corruption and the apparent need of big lenders to mercilessly nickel-and-dime potential homeowners, the meat of the commentary on QRMs and risk retention are right-minded yet misguided.
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  • The Statistic Behind a Mortgage Meltdown

    Whether you know it or not, you’re looking at a formula that set Wall Street – and global investors, too – up for one of the single largest financial asset bubbles and crashes in world history. But it’s not quite the villain that some have painted it to be, as we’ll see.
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  • Mortgage Market Roundup, Monday Edition

    A start-of-the week roundup for everyone, so as always, feel free jump off where you're interested most ... What's mine is yours: Regular HW readers know that I'm about to embark on running this site full time (just a few more days and I'll be free of the current day job).
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  • Mortgage Market Roundup, Tuesday Edition

    Facts? We don't need no stinking facts!: The NAR's public awareness campaign for 2008 was unveiled this past week, and it showcases a new Web site -- A visit to the site shows numerous misspelled words, such as a front-page reference to "historical interests rates" -- but also couches the NAR's agenda as fact.
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