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  • He's B-a-c-k: Hank Paulson's WaPo 'Merde-acity Thot' Piece

    Paul Jackson is on vacation. His column 'Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics' will resume next Monday. In his absence, market veteran Linda Lowell takes on Hank Paulson's recent assertions on the GSEs. Everyone wants a say on what happens to the GSEs, especially Hank Paulson. After all, he has standing in the matter. He's the guy who designed (with Congress) the mechanism of their "bailout" and put them into conservatorship (though the Federal Housing Finance Agency, FHFA, was the fall guy).
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  • Viewpoint: A TV Special: The House Bank of America Soap Opera

    Call me a geek, but my favorite daytime TV is a Congressional hearing into the causes of and solutions to this financial crisis. Who needs The View when you can watch some of the most ill-informed and selfishly motivated folks in American public life grandstanding for voters back home. The hot ticket in June has been the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee’s inquiry into the BofA-Merrill merger, “How Did a Private Deal Turn Into a Federal Bailout?”
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  • Hedgies Placing Strong Bets on Private-Party MBS

    Top bond traders are not as worried about pending cramdown legislation as some might think -- and some are now loading up on Alt-A MBS after what they see as a fear-based sell-off. According to top traders in asset-backed hedge funds who spoke with HousingWire, they're now loading up on certain subprime and Alt-A products while telling investors to expect big returns this year from distressed asset bets in the residential mortgage sector.
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  • Yours Truly, Hank

    Via Long or Short Capital: Dear US Taxpayer, I would like to congratulate you on your recent purchase. I am glad I was able to convince you that now is the ideal time to offer an uncapped backstop on a $5.2 trillion book of mortgages. We here at the Treasury Dept (along with our sisters over at the Fed), appreciate your repeat business. I am confident that this acquisition will be a profitable one; perhaps even more profitable than your recent purchase of JPMorgan’s Bear Stearns’ liabilities!
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  • Bush: No Bail Outs, But Quiet on Housing Package

    Ahead of the scheduled markup of a housing package by the Senate Banking Committee this Tuesday, President Bush reiterated his stance that he would veto any housing package deemed a "bail out" of irresponsible borrowers or lenders. After meeting with Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, Bush said Monday that he was committed to housing programs that "help people refinance and help people get the financial help necessary to stay in homes."
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  • Mortgage Market Roundup, Tuesday Edition

    Facts? We don't need no stinking facts!: The NAR's public awareness campaign for 2008 was unveiled this past week, and it showcases a new Web site -- A visit to the site shows numerous misspelled words, such as a front-page reference to "historical interests rates" -- but also couches the NAR's agenda as fact.
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