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  • The disruption of the secondary market relies on efficiencies that can scale

    Resitrader by Optimal Blue connects lenders and investors in real time to accelerate results
    By connecting lenders and investors in real time, Resitrader automates what used to be a manual, email-based trading process and makes it incredibly scalable. Besides the immediate time savings, the Resitrader platform fosters real relationships between engaged buyers and sellers, which is mutually beneficial to both sides.
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  • Nick Hedges, SVP of Consumer Strategy at Ellie Mae, to speak at

    Learn how to leverage marketing automation and lead generation to grow your business
    No matter how well you're doing, your business needs more business. And we have designed the summit to equip you to do exactly that. That’s why we’ve invited Nick Hedges, senior vice president of consumer strategy at Ellie Mae, to speak on Leveraging Marketing Automation and Lead Generation to Grow Your Business. When Nick served as the CEO and president of Velocify, he took the company from less than $10 million in revenue to more than $50 million in his seven years there.
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