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  • NAMB announces availability of NAMB All-In

    Origination system created specifically for mortgage brokers
    The National Association of Mortgage Brokers recently announced the availability of its a point-of-sale, cloud-based origination system NAMB All-In. NAMB Board President Richard Bettencourt said the organization is overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for the product.
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  • NAMB launches origination system for mortgage brokers

    NAMB All-In helps mortgage brokers manage incoming applications and more
    The National Association of Mortgage Brokers platform enables mortgage brokers to connect with wholesale lenders. Using Calyx Software, borrowers will be able to initiate loan applications and begin the asset verification process.
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  • NAMB urges CFPB to re-examine policies

    Asks bureau to develop process to reclassify consumers’ submissions
    The National Association of Mortgage Brokers recently asked the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to address immediate changes needed within the Consumer Complaint and Consumer Inquiry Handling Processes. NAMB states that the bureau falsely reported that consumers were experiencing extensive issues with mortgage brokers, but 90% of complaints were registered against lender and bank loan originators, not mortgage brokers.
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