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  • How to solve your mortgage borrowers’ biggest pain point

    PointServ delivers a streamlined process while reducing lender risk
    When they started PointServ in 2009, the founders set out to create a seamless and efficient consumer experience by reducing the typical eight- to 10-day document collection process to just five to 10 minutes. The Digital Sourced Document Solution (DSD) eliminates a great deal of lender risk by pulling income, asset and payroll documentation directly from the source and delivering it right into the lender’s underwriting engine.
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  • PointServ creates business development division

    Company hires four vice presidents
    PointServ, a provider of financial data, recently announced it appointed four vice presidents to its newly formed business development division. Those joining the team include Reese Milner as senior vice president of business development, and DJ Wilson, Corwin Sanchez and Anthony DePaola as vice presidents of business development.
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