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  • NRMLA News: Borrower Interviews Provide Evidence-Based Response to CFPB Questions

    On the Docket Seniors are deliberate and careful when making decisions about reverse mortgages. They seek advice from trusted advisors and they primarily use the proceeds from their reverse mortgages to age in place, according to a new survey of 501 reverse mortgage borrowers released by NRMLA in early September.The survey was commissioned specifically in response to the CFPB’s Notice and Request for Information published in the Federal Register on July 2, 2012. To obtain evidence-based answers that reflect the real-life experiences of reverse mortgage borrowers, NRMLA retained ORC International of Princeton, New Jersey, one of the oldest, most established
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  • NRMLA News: CFPB Response, Roundup in San Antonio, Model Disclosures

    On the Docket You might think the punishing summer heat would slow things down in Washington, but the release of the CFPB report June 28 and planning for our Annual Meeting & Expo in October have evaporated that notion. The report included a request for answers to a series of questions about factors influencing consumer decisions and long-term outcomes for borrowers. At NRMLA, we view this as an opportunity for the industry to have a voice in what is yet to come from the bureau. And so, on a weekly basis, we’ve been assembling a large cross section of board
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  • Hot Seat: Marty Bell

    From his most embarrassing moment to his thoughts about the reverse space, we get the personal and professional facts from Marty Bell, SVP of NRMLA, in our monthly edition of The Hot Seat. My parents taught me humor and kindness. You can't always be your brother’s keeper. When I was a kid I refereed Peter Bell’s basketball games. I didn’t want him to go home sad, so if he didn’t score, I put him on the foul line a lot near the end. When I was younger I wanted to be taller. I'll never forget Sly and the Family Stone
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  • Spotlight: Inside NRMLA

    You might compare NRMLA to a reverse mortgage. As the industry’s trade association, our mission is to provide our primary constituency, our members, with the security and the peace of mind that enables them to function best.But in order to accomplish that we need to deal with three additional constituencies: the government, both federal and state; the press, both local and national; and consumers, both seniors and their families. Serving each constituency can require its own set of skills, strategic approach and a whole lot of studying. At times it can feel like finals week at college, when you never
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