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  • LendingTree: Student loan debt is driving Millennials to buy fixer-upper homes

    88% of homebuyers with student loan debt consider purchasing a fixer-upper
    With more than $1.5 trillion in student loan debt, new LendingTree research shows an overwhelming majority of homebuyers are considering purchasing “fixer-upper” homes to combat costs. In fact, 88% of homebuyers that are grappling with student loan debt are now more likely to consider a “fixer-upper” home, according to the online lending marketplace’s data.
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  • Home repair subscription service Super raises $20 million

    Covers costs of repairs on common household appliances
    Super, a home repair subscription service, announced recently that it raised $20 million to expand its service into new markets. Homeowners subscribe to the service, which both covers the cost of repairs on several common household appliances and manages the repair process on other items.
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  • Americans are unprepared for home repair costs

    From 2015 through 2017, Americans spent $449.5 billion on home improvements
    As affordability concerns continue to haunt homeowners across the country, many are choosing to remain in their homes, prompting a surge in the home renovation market. However, NerdWallet’s latest Home Improvement Report discovered that more than 30% of Americans have not set aside funds for these renovations.
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  • Spotlight: Operation Renovation

    In order to obtain a reverse mortgage, a borrower must address any needed repairs to meet FHA standards. Here are some pointers from expert contractors fluent in this specific kind of compliant renovation. MARIA SCHULZE BAYSTATE INDEPENDENCE HOUSING GROUP When an individual applies for a reverse mortgage, the application must be approved by the FHA, which requires the home to meet specific health, safety and soundness standards. This can be problematic, as most homeowners applying for reverse mortgages do so because they are short on funds and often lack the money to address essential home repairs. Furthermore, many homes may
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