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  • California Withdraws from National Foreclosure Talks

    California Attorney General Kamala Harris announced that California will no longer participate in the national foreclosure investigation and settlement talks with the nation's largest banks.   According the Los Angeles Times, California is withdrawing from the coalition of state attorneys general and federal agencies because the five largest banks in the country appeared unwilling to reach an agreement that would provide California homeowners relief that was commensurate with the amount that they had suffered due to inappropriate actions by the banks. “It has been a process of negotiating and sitting at a table in good faith, but ultimately I
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  • Acting CFPB Head Speaks on Agency Mission

    Speaking at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Special Advisor to the Treasury and Acting Head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Rag Date sought to examine the lessons learned from the mortgage meltdown and how the drives the objectives of the new agency.   Date's first major speach since taking the acting leaderhship role of the CFPB was entitled, "Lessons Learned from the Finnacial Crisis:  The Need for the CFPB," covered a range of financial topics with a particular focus on the mortgage market. The need for the CFPB as created by the Dodd-Frank act stemmed from the
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