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  • Homeownering makes home equity its mission

    Wants to help homeowners make the most of their largest asset
    With consumer-friendly, bank-grade software and a wealth of information, Homeownering wants to help you make the most of your equity. By providing resources on the strategic use of this important asset, founder Nicole Hamilton says she wants "to save homeowners money and make homeowners money."
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  • Want to save up for a home? Say goodbye to 54% of your income for 6 years

    It will take the average renter 6 years saving 20% of their income to afford a 20% down payment
    According to research from Zillow affiliate Hot Pads, it will take the average U.S. renter more than six years to save up for a 20% down payment on a home. With rent now taking up an average of 34% of a renter's income and home prices on the rise, the dream of homeownership is becoming more and more distant for U.S. renters.
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  • Homeownership Still Part of American Dream

    Despite a dismal housing market and lingering recession, Americans still consider owning a home to be central to a sense of well-being and a core part of the American Dream. According to a poll by The New York Times and CBS News, 9 out of 10 Americans feel that owning a home is an important goal.  This remains true even while many worry about whether buying a home is a safe investment.  Only 49% of those surveyed felt that it was a safe investment while 45% called it risky, especially due to continuing decreases in the housing market. Very
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