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  • Finance of America Reverse issues second round of defaulted reverse mortgage bonds

    Deal signals continued investor appetite for HMBS
    Finance of America Reverse is back with a second round of defaulted reverse mortgage bonds. The $399 million offering is a solid marker of investor appetite for HECM-backed securities. “Every time one of these trades, it’s a good thing,” said Baseline President Dan Ribler. “It’s yet another data point that there is liquidity for this type of deal.”
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  • HECM mortgage-backed securities see $1 billion decline

    HMBS float continues to shrink thanks to record payoffs and low origination volume
    The latest data on HECM mortgage-backed securities reveals issuance is down in the third quarter to $1.7 billion – that’s about a billion less than totals from the previous two quarters. In a recent report, New View Advisors says the industry shouldn't expect this to turn around any time soon as low origination volumes challenge the space.
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  • HECM mortgage-backed securities data reveals low flow and lots of payoffs

    Issuance totals highlight concerns about market health
    The latest data on HECM mortgage-backed securities sheds light on issues plaguing the struggling reverse mortgage industry. A report by New View Advisors reveals a massive, record-breaking wave of payoffs and assignments to HUD. Coupled with low origination volume, this could mean HMBS float will continue to decline, raising liquidity concerns for investors.
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  • One Reverse Gains HMBS Approval

    One Reverse Mortgage LLC gained Ginnie Mae approval to participate in the HECM Mortgage-Backed Securities program. The approval allows One Reverse, a Quicken Loans Company to bundle and sell reverse mortgage securities. "Receiving approval from Ginnie Mae to issue securities was an important next step in our growth," said Gregg Smith, president and chief operating officer of One Reverse Mortgage LLC. "We will now be able to leverage the relationships we have forged with the investment community, as well as those we have made through our relationship with Quicken Loans." The company has been the fourth ranked retail lender
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  • HMBS Issues Drop Off

    Following four consecutive months of increases, new issues of Ginnie Mae HECM mortgage-backed securities (HMBS) fell by 25% in May. After reaching the second highest total in the previous 18 months to $1.029 billion in April, new issues of HMBS hit the third lowest total in the same time period, reaching $771 million.  Total issuance by Ginnie Mae I & II MBS for the month was down by 3.7% from $26.4 billion to $25.4 billion.  Issuance of single-family MBS topped $23.85 billion, while multi-family issuance was over $1.57 billion. The new issues of Ginnie Mae HMBS have followed a
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