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  • Last Word: A Unique Skill Set

    Improvise, adapt and overcome. Those are the traits that comprise the unique skill set reverse mortgage originators must posses to succeed. Honestly speaking, no one likes adversity yet we find that innovation, creativity and the new ideas that bring a product to market are born from the fires of hardship. Case and point; the HECM Saver was created during the most challenging times and yet opens doors to increase market share. No one can deny the hardships we face as an industry, for in the last several years we have not only seen housing values plummet, but also the compounded
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  • Last Word: The Eyes and Ears of the Senior Generation

    The future of the reverse mortgage industry depends on education. How many times have we heard that? But just whom do we need to educate? Obviously we need to educate the seniors, the actual people this great product can help in so many ways.  The majority of our industry think we need to get the word to the seniors; I happen to disagree (strongly). The mortgage industry, reverse or conforming, has never been and never will be the “eyes and ears” of the senior generation. And when you add into the equation what Wall Street has done to the mortgage
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