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  • [Video] Here's everything you need to know about the Equifax security breach

    143 million consumers impacted
    The story continues to develop on the massive security breach at Equifax, one of the nation’s three largest credit reporting agencies. Last Thursday, the credit bureau revealed it was the victim of a “cybersecurity incident” that potentially impacts as many as 143 million U.S. consumers. As the story unfolds, HousingWire created the following video to give you a quick digest of everything you need to know.
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  • Mortgage Delinquencies Pile Up: Report

    Same story, different month: delinquent mortgages continued to accumulate in February, which according to a top credit bureau executive, is an indication that the housing market has not yet seen its bottom. "I'm trying to find optimism in these numbers, but I'm pretty hard pressed to do that," said Dan Adams, president of U.S. Information Systems for Equifax Inc.
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  • Continued Delinquencies Kick Off 2009: Equifax

    Delinquent mortgages are continuing to pile up according to a new report released Friday by Equifax Inc., which showed the number of mortgage holders who were 30-days-past due in January was up 50 percent from last January. Projections indicate, according to the report, that 30-day mortgage delinquencies, which have continued to increase, will result in even more 60- and 90-day delinquencies.
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  • Equifax Launches Credit Risk Evaluation Tool

    Equifax Inc. [stock EFX][/stock] said Monday that it has launched a tool that targets forward-looking valuations of mortgage-backed and related securities. Called Mortgage Market Risk Insight, or MRI, Equifax touted it as the first such tool on the market that can help investors assess credit risk tied to underlying collateral.
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  • Equifax Touts Loan Modification Solution

    Equifax Inc. said Wednesday that it has launched a solution to help lenders navigate new guidelines for homeowner assistance created by the recently-announced subprime ARM rate freeze program. The credit agency's loan modification solution leverages multiple data sources and analytics that it says help lenders segment their borrower base while also measuring the overall impact on their customers, Equifax said.
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