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  • Feature: Who is Your Biggest Competitor?

    Can you name your biggest competitor? Is it a giant bank? An aggressive mortgage broker? The guy sitting at the desk next to yours? I say that none of those should worry you. For many loan officers and mortgage brokers, the biggest obstacle they face is not from others in the industry. The most challenging roadblock to success lies in the limitations they place on themselves. This is a timely thought as we close out a tumultuous 2011 and prepare for a better and stronger 2012. Assuming your company has adequate mortgage products and competent support staff, the biggest adjustment
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  • Originating: How's Your "Love-O-Meter?"

    The secret to a smooth reverse mortgage transaction and consistent referrals is to ensure you don’t meet your client’s expectations. You must exceed them. Your client can’t just like you, they must love you. Actually, they do. Studies show that reverse mortgages generated an amazing 80 percent approval rating from senior borrowers. But loan officers, always seeking to improve their own performance, can fall into the trap of thinking that everything is going wrong. The senior borrower expects the loan to close. So as a loan officer you must go above and beyond the simple process of closing the
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  • Originating: Originate by Mail?

    I am an “old-school” reverse mortgage broker in that I originate my loans in person, often driving two hours each way, investing three hours with my client and sometimes meeting a second or third time. I often arrive home feeling jet-lagged. But recently I’ve talked to loan officers who do everything by mail and claim great borrower satisfaction. Should you meet in person? The principal reason for meeting a borrower face-to-face is to create greater trust. It also gives me a better understanding of the senior’s environment, including any physical limitations, competency concerns, and condition of the property. It’s a
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  • Originating: You Can Buy a Home with a Reverse Mortgage?

    “I didn’t know that!” That’s what I heard last week from 12 owners of real estate offices representing more than 110 agents. I had just given a presentation called “HECMs for Purchase,” the use of a reverse mortgage to buy a new home. Those incredulous real estate agents are not alone! Even experienced reverse loan officers do not understand how the “P-HECM” can improve the lives of seniors, with the bonus of adding an entirely new referral source to the mortgage broker’s database. Will you take the lead and be the first P-HECM trusted advisor in your marketplace?   How
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