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  • NPR: Can rent control save California's struggling renters?

    Some say inventory should be the main concern
    Affordability continues to haunt homeowners and renters nationwide, especially Californians navigating one of the nation’s most unaffordable markets. However, a recently introduced proposition may offer Californian renters some peace of mind, according to an article from NPR.
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  • NPR: Hospitals are joining the real estate business

    Highly concentrated levels of poverty and physical health are connected
    Affordability continues to plague the housing industry, leaving some of the nation’s poorest communities struggling just to make ends meet. This is especially true for residents living in “high-risk” communities where poverty usually partners with inadequate housing, violence and sickness, and it's driving hospitals to join the real estate business.
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  • NPR: Rural America's future at risk thanks to lack of 'adequate housing'

    Rural America is poised for a rebound, but without the housing infrastructure to support it, the future could pass it by
    Rural America is facing a shortage of “adequate housing.” Despite a dwindling population and the expectation that housing prices would fall, NPR reports that affordability is worsening in rural areas due to “aging-in-place” and the gradual obsolescence of their housing inventories.
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  • AARP Lawyer Provides Insight on HUD Lawsuit

    AARP Foundation lawyer, Jean Constantine-Davis appeared in a brief interview with NPR's "Marketplace Money" about the advocacy's group lawsuit against HUD. Constantine-Davis provided little details about the lawsuit, but did shed a little light on the organization's perspective about the issue of a non-borrowing spouse.    The lawsuit itself calls into question HUD's application of two important provisions of the HECM statute, the provisions that define "non-recourse" and "homeowner."  It alleges that HUD overstepped their bounds by interpreting the rules in a way not supported by the statute.  The result has been to put heirs and non-borrowing spouses at
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  • NPR: Reverse Mortgages a Last Resort

    Featuring "Tell Me More's" contributor on matters of personal finance, Alvin Hall, National Public Radio (NPR), ran a segment on reverse mortgages.  It is unfortunate that NPR referred to Hall as an export on such matters because his depiction of reverse mortgages was inaccurate and misinformed.   Opening the segment, host Michael Martin plays a sound bite of an advertisement from American Advisors Group, featuring Fred Thompson.  He then follows with an odd introduction stating that was one of dozens promoting reverse mortgages while Bank of America has exited the business. Hall begins with the standard depiction that reverse
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