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  • What’s the right strategy for growing a mortgage business in the midst of a downturn?

    Freedom Mortgage’s Stanley Middleman offers advice on the current market
    It’s not easy being a lender in this market. With origination volume down and margins compressed, consolidation among mortgage companies is expected to continue, and even increase. But according to Stanley Middleman, president and CEO of Freedom Mortgage, current market conditions also present a real opportunity.
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  • Industry Trends, Different Year Similar Result

    After starting the year on an encouraging upswing, the year-over-year HECM endorsement volume has fallen into a similar trend line to the previous year. Although still head of the pace of 2010, the gap narrowed in the latest Industry Trends Report from Reverse Market Insight.  The endorsement volume reached a 12 month peak in March before falling back below 6,000 units.  Optimistically, if the trend line continued to mirror 2010, the industry would see consistent rise heading into the fall. Unfortunately, with the exits of Bank of America and Wells Fargo showing their full impact during this window, it
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  • Pinpointing Industry Direction

    In a time of consistent change, challenge and exits, the reverse mortgage struggles for some clear signs of positive momentum and sustainable growth.  As year-over-year production has maintained a positive growth rate of 3.1%, other challenges remain. The latest Industry Trends Report from Reverse Market Insight (RMI)highlights that 7 out of the top ten states for production for 2011 have positive growth for the year.  Texas has solidified their hold on the number 2 spot with 11% growth, and California is by far the number one, sustaining 6.7% growth.  Two states, however, are shining above the crowed with growth
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  • HECM Saver Picks Up Pace

    The HECM Saver continues to gain momentum according to the latest Industry Trends Report from Reverse Market Insight (RMI).  Saver endorsements increased to 409 in March accounting for 5.6% of total endorsements and a 38.2% increase over February.   Saver endorsements also exceeded the number of refinance transactions for the first time.  RMI now projects that the market share for the HECM Saver could exceed 10% in that later part of this year. In terms of application trends, although the number of applications increased by 8.5% in March, but the total increased is dampened by the fact that there
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  • RMI Indstry Trends: View From the Top

    In their final Industry Trends report for 2010, Reverse Market Insight (RMI) highlights the growing command that the top ten lenders have taken in terms of market share.  After hovering in much of 2009 around 40%, market share of the top ten steadily increased in 2010 reaching a peak of 64.7% in December.   Several factors have contributed to this shift.  Obviously, consolidation is a major consideration, along with contraction.  As the number of active lenders have decreased 47.2% in 2010, volume has concentrated towards the top.  This is understandable as the theory would suggest that displaced originators who
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