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  • Last Word: The Reverse Mortgage: A Smart Option, Not Just a Last Resort

    How many times have you heard from the media or attorneys, financial planners and accountants that a reverse mortgage should be a last resort for seniors? Too many times, I bet! We as an industry of professionals need to start educating our seniors and those who advise them that this notion is simply wrong. The reverse mortgage is not just for those in dire need; it can be an extraordinary tool for seniors interested in alternative financial options to secure their retirement.Smart programs like the HECM Saver bring to the table an option that can fit a particular need for
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  • Last Word: Where Is the Business?

    Those of us in the reverse mortgage industry face major challenges. What does the future hold? How should we originate loans? Why should a senior want to do business with us? Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Financial Freedom are all gone and not competitive factors. This now becomes a major plus for those of us left, right? The question is, how do we reach out and attract seniors to do business with us? Buying leads utilizing Internet marketing programs and call centers are tools being used by many companies to attract business. But what about the traditional methods with
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  • Originating: A Financial Problem Affecting Seniors Nationwide

    This true story highlights a financial problem that seniors are facing all over the country. This story brings to light the struggle my client endured when faced with foreclosure. I worked on this case for seven months, during which I could not find one program or subsidy available for seniors in a position similar to my client’s. When seniors are facing foreclosures or shortfalls on their homes, little funds are available for their aid. I discovered this through a grueling experience and was greatly disappointed in discovering what were obviously some mistaken priorities. Our government’s priorities lie not with the
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