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  • Reverse mortgage originators sound off on current challenges

    Six HECM professionals talk about their biggest struggles right now
    It’s no secret that business is less than rosy in the reverse mortgage space right now. ReverseReview reached out to six HECM originators to ask them about the biggest challenges they are facing in their work, and we heard a mix of new challenges and some of the same old problems.
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  • The StoneHill Group expands services in tightening mortgage lending space

    Company now licensed in 19 states and counting
    The StoneHill Group, a nationwide provider of quality control, due diligence and mortgage fulfillment services, is expanding its mortgage lender support services to better serve the industry. The company aims to help more mortgage companies, banks and credit unions operate with greater cost-efficiency as the lending space gets tougher and tougher.
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  • RMS Ramps Up Origination Channel

    Now in its fifth year of operation, Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. (RMS) has ramped up its origination channel, representing the final piece to its full-service reverse mortgage infrastructure, which includes technology, loan servicing, REO asset management and Ginnie Mae HMBS secondary market securitization. The company has named two regional directors to begin developing a premium set of lending partners who will originate loans across-the-board in all channels of reverse mortgages, according to Robert D. Yeary, chairman and chief executive officer, RMS. “As I like to say, we’ve built the company ‘in reverse’, from the back-end forward to ensure that
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