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  • Get ready: HousingWire's summit is heading to Orange County in 2020

    Third-annual event brings together the smartest marketers in real estate and mortgage
    Anticipation for HousingWire’s 2020 event started running high before we even wrapped our 2019 summit in June. We’ve been hard at work planning the next summit and we’re excited to announce that we’re hosting our 2020 event in the vibrant mortgage hub of Orange County, California, June 11-12!
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  • This is what happens when you get a bunch of mortgage marketers in the same room

    Highlights from HousingWire's second event
    Just being in one room with more than 300 marketers was inspiring — the number of selfies, flash briefings, podcasts and videos being created at any given time was unlike anything I had ever seen. Even more impressive was the generous spirit that had marketers sharing their best strategies with each other in this very competitive market.  
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  • [Pulse] What's an underwriter doing at a marketing conference?

    Why every single person in the loan transaction should get involved in marketing
    That's the question I was asked at least five times while attending HousingWire's conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, last week. My response: Yes, why not? Marketing applies to the entire mortgage loan origination process, and underwriting is a large piece of customer satisfaction. Here's why I think marketing is the subject matter of every mortgage employee of today and the future.
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  • Need help putting together your marketing tech stack?

    Our experts at engage can help
    New tech solutions continue to flood the mortgage industry, all promising to improve processes, increase efficiencies and save money. Marketers are being inundated with options, but it’s difficult to know where to start, much less what to actually implement. That’s why we asked industry experts to speak at in our session titled, How I Built This: Putting Together Your Marketing Tech Stack.
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  • Experts will take the stage at to discuss new buyer groups

    Learn what strategies these experts used to attract a diverse group of buyers
    HW designed this session on How to Attract New Buyer Groups to expand business opportunities. Leora Ruzin will sit down with Keosha Burns, vice president of public relations at JPMorgan Chase, Patricia Korth-McDonnell, chief marketing officer at, and Riffat Lakhani, vice president of marketing at Guidance Residential, to discuss the different ways their companies are serving a diverse group of buyers.
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  • Top performing LOs to speak at

    Panelists will reveal what marketing initiatives are fueling their growth
    In this session on The Originator and Marketing Relationship, Jake Fehling will talk with Lindsey Goins, a top producer for Movement Mortgage, and Ramon Walker, owner of Mount Diablo Lending, to find out what they wish marketers knew about their workflow and how top-performing teams can work together for best results.
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  • Roostify to sponsor

    Powering the digital mortgage experience for nationwide lending institutions
    Tech100 winner and leading digital platform Roostify is sponsoring HousingWire’s second annual event to be held June 13-14 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The event will gather the industry’s top marketing minds in a summit jam-packed with outstanding content designed to help mortgage marketers Play to Win in today’s competitive market.
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  • Experts on personal branding to take the stage at

    Here’s how the marketing team can help LOs grow their business
    One of the biggest challenges facing loan officers — and the marketing teams trying to support them — is creating and maintaining a personal brand that connects with consumers to grow business, yet still reflects the larger corporate brand. That’s why we’re bringing in some of the industry’s top personal branding experts for a super session at where they will share the most effective ways to educate, support and help grow the personal brand of LOs and others on the origination team.
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  • Homebot to sponsor 2019 event this June

    A dynamic financial dashboard designed to help homeowners build wealth through their home
    Homebot, a dynamic financial dashboard designed to help homeowners build wealth through their home, is sponsoring HousingWire’s event to be held next month in Charlotte, North Carolina. HousingWire’s second annual event is specifically designed to help attendees win market share, learning from some of the top marketing minds in the mortgage industry. Jam-packed with outstanding content, this day-and-a-half summit will take place June 13-14.
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  • Content experts to spill their secrets at event

    Find out how to create content that truly connects with mortgage borrowers
    We designed our Killing it with Content panel at to talk about what works — and what doesn't — in this constantly evolving space. We're bringing in some of the most prolific and successful content creators in the industry, including Christine Beckwith, Jason Frazier, Adam O'Daniel and Josh Pitts, to give marketers the practical insight they need to win business.
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