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  • Global Recession Seen by Merrill Survey

    A survey of fund managers by Merrill Lynch & Co. [stock MER][/stock] found some amazing shifts in perception, including a stark shift in expectations for inflation over the next year. Concerns over stagflation -- a toxic mix of inflation and below-trend economic growth -- have abated somewhat, as fears over inflation have fallen well to the rear relative to a growing consensus of global economic contraction, the Financial Times
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  • Fed Holds Key Rate at 2 Percent; Notes Risk of Inflation

    It's an issue that's critical for mortgage market participants -- which direction the economy heads in the remainder of 2008. On Wednesday, the Federal Open Market Committee held its target for the federal funds rate at 2 percent, noting that while risks to economic growth remain, inflation is looming as a potentially more difficult challenge.
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  • More on the "R" Word; It's Becoming a Chorus

    Three more economists weighed in today on the prospects of a U.S. recession in 2008. Alan Greenspan, the former Fed chief, spoke in an interview with NPR on Friday and put the odds around 50 percent. Harvard University economist Martin Feldstein also pegged the 50 percent number, according to a Bloomberg report:
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