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  • C2 Financial ramps up reverse education

    California’s biggest brokerage offers LOs HECM certification
    With more than 600 loan officers operating in 10 states, C2 Financial is one of the nation’s biggest brokerages, raking in $2.4 billion in originations last year. While C2 has had a HECM division for years, it did not see much action until father-daughter duo Scott Harmes and Christina Harmes took over the channel, establishing a certification program for C2 LOs that has caused volume to spike.
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  • Adopting HECMs as a "generational lending" strategy

    Why LOs need to include reverse mortgages in their product offerings
    You help a first-time homebuyer get into that starter house. Then, you help them refinance, and maybe later they turn to you for a HELOC. But then what? Is that it? It shouldn’t be, according to reverse mortgage software provider ReverseVision. There’s one loan left and it may be the last loan a client gets.
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  • RiskSpan adds HECM data to its platform

    Seeks to analyze impact of FHA program changes
    Analytics firm RiskSpan has added reverse mortgage data to its platform, incorporating more than a half a billion records from Ginnie Mae in an effort to form critical analysis of the HECM market. RiskSpan’s founder and CEO Bernadette Kogler said senior home equity growth and recent HECM program changes spurred the company’s decision to delve further into the space.
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  • HousingWire acquires The Reverse Review, adds Editor Jessica Guerin

    Guerin to lead expanded coverage of housing wealth market
    More exciting changes are happening at HousingWire! This week, we are announcing our acquisition of The Reverse Review. This means a new fresh face at HousingWire. Reverse Review Editor Jessica Guerin is joining HousingWire’s staff as an editor to lead our expanding coverage of the housing wealth market and is launching a Reverse Review newsletter.
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