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  • Shared equity provider Unison Home Ownership Investors raises $40 million

    Investment led by F-Prime Capital, Citi Ventures and Royal Bank of Canada
    Unison Home Ownership Investors raised $40 million in its Series B round of funding. Unison provides borrowers with money for up to 30 years without interest or monthly payments, and shares in the equity generated by the house, should it appreciate over time. Conversely, if the house loses value, Unison shares in that loss.
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  • JLL launches $100 million real estate tech investment fund

    JLL Spark plans to dish out $100 million to worth real estate tech entrepreneurs
    To push forward the real estate industry, JLL has created a $100 million investment fund for real estate technology development. JLL Spark and its team of veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneurs have been tasked with dishing out this seed money to worthy tech startups.
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