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  • Rick Perry: Clinton policies caused housing crisis

    Warns another crash is coming; advocates ending Fannie, Freddie
    In a speech last week in New York, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry positioned himself, surprisingly, as a populist ready to take on Wall Street, laid the blame of the housing crisis on the “destructive homeownership policies” of the Clinton administration, and warned that the next crisis is coming.
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  • Faith Schwartz: Leading the way

    In this year’s Influential Women special section, we talk with 30 women leaders helping to shape the housing sector. These are decision-makers who have distinguished themselves...
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  • Fed's Kroszner Resigns, Heads Back to School

    Federal Reserve Board governor Randall Kroszner submitted his resignation Monday. "The challenges and issues we have confronted have been unprecedented," he said in his resignation letter to President George W. Bush. "I am particularly pleased with our accomplishments in monetary policy, innovative liquidity facilities, banking and financial regulatory policy, and in strengthening consumer protection." He will return to a professorship position at the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago after leaving Jan.
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  • Bush, Obama Unite for TARP Funds; Regulators Divide Over Conditions

    President-elect Barack Obama on Monday asked President George W. Bush for his assistance in requesting the release of the second half of the $700 billion granted to the Troubled Asset Relief Program. President Bush has called for Congress to release the next $350 billion, according to a report Tuesday by the Wall Street Journal.
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  • Automakers' Bailout Depletes First Leg of TARP, Paulson Wants More

    Christmas came early this year to two failing automakers, who on Friday learned they have received the assistance they've so long asked for. Treasury Department secretary Henry Paulson will step into the ongoing fight relief with an announcement Friday he will use $13.4 billion in funds from the Troubled Asset Relief Program to bail out the failing automakers. General Motors Corp. is now set to receive $9.4 billion, while Chrysler Holding LLC will get $4 billion.
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  • Bush: Administration Continues to Aid Homeowners

    President George W. Bush on Friday topped off a politically-charged week full of hearings on the failing U.S. automotive industry, statements from a variety of regulatory officials pleading greater oversight on TARP funds and shocking reports of jobless claims. In public statements delivered midday on the South Lawn of the White House, Bush said the administration will do what it can to keep the economy afloat before the transition to an Obama Administration in January.
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  • Treasury Rolls Out $250 Billion Capital Purchase Plan

    The Treasury Department announced Tuesday its detailed plan to purchase equity stakes in banks across the country, essentially nationalizing a portion of the banking sector. The Dow Jones Industrial Average [stock INDU][/stock] rose more than 400 points in the first hour of trading in response to the announcement but then slid down by late morning.
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