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  • From HW Magazine

    2019 Rising Star: ​​​​​​​Joe Villani

    Senior Vice President of the Correspondent Division, TMS
    Since his start at TMS, Joe Villani has consistently been one of the highest, if not the highest, performer on the correspondent team every month.
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  • The complete guide to confidently perform renovation loans

    America’s aging housing stock provides tremendous opportunity for lenders
    To successfully navigate the complexity of renovation loans, find a correspondent partner who can provide exceptional customer service and top-notch efficiencies to make these loans happen with no delays or problems. Here is a renovation loan list of best practices that will help you discover the right type of customer service essentials that need to be delivered to confidently provide renovation loans. 
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  • Are you a part of the servicing technology revolution?

    Take this test to see how you rate
    Just as Airbnb and Lyft radically disrupted the hotel and transportation industries, the mortgage servicing industry is ripe for a technology revolution of its own. The truth is the proliferation of technology in the mortgage servicing industry is breathing new air to customers that have otherwise experienced nothing more than a great paper exchange – as long as payments are made on time.
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TMS obtains provisional approval for three blockchain servicing patents

    Three patents will introduce servicing data and records to the blockchain
    Financial services and mortgage company TMS announced it has received provisional approval for three blockchain-related servicing patents. The company explained that through its subservicing platform SIME, or Servicing Intelligence Made Easy, the three patents will introduce servicing data and records to the blockchain for the first time. 
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  • Take the 800 # customer service challenge

    How fast does your subservicer pick up their phone lines and represent your company?
    Go on. Call your subservicer. Are they answering in 60 seconds or less? Or, did they leave you on hold for 10, 20, or even 45 minutes? If your wait time felt like forever, guess what? That’s the exact same type of infuriating situation that you’re putting your customers through.
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  • The "new school" in correspondent lending: The best price value equation

    Customers are worth more than an extra 2 bps
    If you ask what matters most when selling loans off, the knee jerk answer is “best price.” Sure, sharpen the pencil, squeeze an extra 2 bps, and look like a hero because you opened up your warehouse lines. Here’s the bad news: That’s old school and affects the long-term growth of your company.
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  • Don’t wait for disaster to strike — test the strength of your subservicer now

    This TMS checklist will make sure your borrowers get white-glove service at a critical time
    Unfortunately, natural disasters and hurricanes will happen. It’s on you to make sure borrowers are in the best hands possible when it happens. To test the strength of your subservicer, go through this check list to see how well they’d be prepared for a future crisis.
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  • From HW Magazine

    2018 HW Insiders: Kristi Schleicher

    Vice President of Customer Experience, TMS
    Kristi Schleicher has been a magnet for not only making people fall in love with TMS but making them feel like they a part of the family. Schleicher has been responsible for turning positive and negative callers into some of TMS’ biggest fans.
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