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  • FHA will not cut mortgage insurance premiums

    The Federal Housing Administration released details on the health of its flagship Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund on Thursday, revealing a positive economic net worth of $34.86 billion and an acceptable ratio of capital reserves at 2.76%. The numbers are markedly better than last year, but FHA Commissioner Brian Montgomery said that doesn’t mean the agency will be reducing mortgage insurance premiums any time soon. Click the headline to read more.

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    The margin compression everyone has experienced is our own fault

    Here's how we get out of it
    It is no surprise that mortgage origination volumes and margins have compressed across the board this year. And if lenders are going to be profitable, or even stay in business, they really need to focus on just one thing. Find out what that is in this article featuring Mike McFadden, group head of Riivos Mortgage.
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    Alight Mortgage Lending

    Hot Seat: Mike McFadden of Alight Mortgage Solutions

    Helping clients prepare for every outcome
    One thing I’m really enjoying is the speed with which we can move and get things done. For example, we recently sent a survey to our customers asking for their ideas about new features and within a day processed some very valuable feedback. And because of our agile structure, we were able to incorporate some of the feedback and deliver it to our entire customer base within two weeks. That’s very satisfying and incredibly beneficial to our customers. 
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