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  • HomeStreet selling off majority of mortgage business to Homebridge, New Residential, PennyMac

    Origination business going to Homebridge; MSRs to New Res, PennyMac
    HomeStreet Bank's move away from mortgages is nearly complete. Earlier this year, HomeStreet announced that it was planning to shift its business away from mortgages by selling off its retail mortgage origination business and a big chunk of its mortgage servicing rights. Now, the bank has found buyers for its mortgage business: Homebridge Financial Services, New Residential Mortgage, and PennyMac.
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  • HomeStreet Bank finds a buyer for its retail loan centers: Homebridge

    Reaches non-binding agreement to sell to Homebridge Financial Services
    In a deal that will likely make changing the outside signage a little easier, HomeStreet Bank inked a deal to sell part of its retail mortgage business to Homebridge Financial Services. The deal would likely include HomeStreet's 72 home loan centers in five states as well as a number of mortgage professionals.
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  • HomeStreet Bank moves to sell off almost entire mortgage business

    Lender’s mortgage business has struggled recently
    After struggling to keep up with the mortgage business’ new reality of lower refinance originations due to higher mortgage interest rates, HomeStreet Bank is plotting a mass exodus from the mortgage business. The bank announced Friday that it is planning to sell off its entire retail mortgage operation, which includes 72 home loan centers in five states.
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  • From HW Magazine

    For nearly 100 years, this community bank has made homeownership personal

    HomeStreet Bank specializes in mortgage lending for West Coast and Hawaii
    “A family serving families” probably isn’t an intuitive description for a financial institution, but it was Continental Mortgage and Loan Company’s dedication to family, community and ethical practices that allowed it to thrive as one of the Pacific Northwest’s largest independent sources of mortgage funds.
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  • From HW Magazine

    2018 HW Vanguard: Rose Marie David

    HomeStreet Bank senior executive vice president, single-family mortgage lending director
    Rose Marie David is far from her first career as a professional ballet dancer, but that is where David Rose learned what it means to be committed and tenacious.
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  • HomeStreet to sell a piece of its mortgage servicing portfolio

    Bank will sell $5B of its single-family MSRs to Matrix Financial
    Seattle bank HomeStreet announced this week it will sell a piece of its mortgage servicing rights to Matrix Financial Services. The deal, which includes an unpaid principal balance of $4.9 billion in single-family MSRs, amounts to approximately 20% of the bank’s single-family servicing portfolio.
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  • HomeStreet appoints Mark R. Patterson to board of directors

    Patterson to serve on boards for HomeStreet Bank and its parent company
    HomeStreet, the parent company of HomeStreet Bank, announced Thursday it has appointed Mark R. Patterson to the board of directors for both the company and the bank. Patterson will also serve as a member of HomeStreet Bank’s finance committee, as well as the enterprise risk management committee for its parent company.
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