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  • CFPB requests information on its own enforcement process

    Requests input from finance industry
    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced Wednesday it is investigating and requesting information on its own enforcement process. The Bureau announced it is seeking information to help assess the overall efficiency and effectiveness of its processes related to the enforcement of federal consumer financial law.
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  • Federal judge sides with Trump in fight over CFPB director

    Trump’s pick to take control of bureau
    A federal judge ruled with President Donald Trump’s pick for CFPB acting director, giving him full control of the bureau. Over the weekend, the CFPB erupted into chaos as two leaders showed up to the office as acting director – and no one knew who to follow. Now, however, a judge has put an end to the confusion.
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  • Lawyers side with Trump in battle over CFPB leadership

    Protesters still plan to gather
    In the latest development to the CFPB power struggle, lawyers sided with President Donald Trump and his appointment for acting CFPB director. But the battle is far from over. Protestors, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., announced their plans to gather tomorrow, demanding Trump’s acting director step down.
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  • CFPB descends into chaos as two acting directors struggle for power

    Aggressive emails, donuts and restraining orders
    As the power struggle over the CFPB kicks off, two acting directors seek to assert their dominance. After showing up for work Monday, the two directors sent passive aggressive, and even aggressive emails, brought in bribes and even took out restraining orders. Here’s the latest on this developing story.
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