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  • Hey regulators, let’s fix the Community Reinvestment Act

    It’s time to make CRA more effective in the 21st century banking system
    The Community Reinvestment Act is important to provide fair access to credit and investment, and many financial institutions agree it’s an important tool in their business strategy. But current guidelines render it ineffective, and it’s time regulators institute much-needed change.
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  • Fannie Mae makes good on its affordable housing promises

    Investing $26M toward New York-area construction
    Fannie Mae announces it will invest $26 million in low-income housing tax credit to finance the first phase of construction of the largest residential development in Far Rockaway, New York. Part of the city's rezoning plan, the project and aims to provide residents with affordable living spaces.
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  • Historic Iowa military barracks transformed into affordable housing community

    LIHTC used to convert Fort Des Moines to housing
    A lot of people may not know about Fort Des Moines, but the Iowa military base has significant historical value. The Iowa installation was the site where black Americans were first trained to be military officers during World War I, and now, part of the historic area has been preserved, restored and converted into a 142-unit affordable housing community, thanks to a novel approach from a leading affordable housing developer.
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