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    Having the right infrastructure is key to disposition efficiency

    Dedicated teams for buyers and sellers just as important as technology
    In the best of circumstances, disposition is a challenging business process. When you add in the complexity of unforeseen events, like this year’s hurricanes in the Southeast and wildfires in the West, it only underscores the importance of having the right infrastructure in place to support maximum efficiency when it comes to the successful marketing and selling of foreclosed properties.
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  • Servicers: We've got your answers on disposition strategy

    Find out how our hosted white papers can help
    While overall U.S. foreclosures were down 20% in the second quarter compared to last year, 13% of metro areas saw an increase in foreclosures this year, including Houston, Oklahoma City, and Hartford, Connecticut — all up by double digits. If you’re a servicer, the potential for increased foreclosures could catch you flat-footed. Luckily, HousingWire has you covered.
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