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  • Bloomberg: U.S. posts biggest budget deficit since 2012

    Trump's first 12 months in office
    "The data underscore concerns by some economists that Republican tax cuts enacted this year could increase the U.S. government debt load, which has surpassed $20 trillion. The tax changes are expected to reduce federal revenue by more than $1 trillion over the next decade, while a $300 billion spending deal reached by Congress in February could push the deficit higher."
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  • House officially passes sweeping tax reform

    Republican hopes now hinge on Senate vote
    Republicans in the House of Representatives officially passed sweeping tax reform, hinging the party’s hopes for reform on a final Senate vote. Now, the final decision on tax reform rests with the Senate, which is expected to pass the bill later today.
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  • Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Republican committee passes tax reform

    Look to pass bill to president before Christmas
    It's the last week before Christmas! That means everyone is busy wrapping up the year and getting ready for the Holidays and 2018. Friday night, the Republican committee assigned to negotiate the bill, which strikes several compromises between the previous House and Senate legislations, including a compromise on the mortgage interest deduction.
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  • Housing industry unites against Republican tax plan

    Say plan could hurt homeowners and middle-class Americans
    After House Republicans released their new tax plan Wednesday, the housing industry stood up in unison against the plan. Among other changes, the tax plan will slash the mortgage interest deduction in half from $1 million to $500,000, an action that experts say will hurt homeowners.
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  • Republican tax plan will trigger another Fannie, Freddie bailout

    Reduction in corporate tax rate would impact GSEs’ deferred tax assets
    On Thursday, the Republicans finally released their highly anticipated tax reform plan, and as it turns out, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act could bring a flashback to the housing crisis that many thought they’d never see again – another bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, according to an investigation by HousingWire.
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  • House Republican tax reform will slash mortgage interest deduction

    Plan limits excluding capital gains from home sale
    House Republicans released their new tax plan, and its implications on the housing market are much larger than expected. The new plan slashes the mortgage interest deduction significantly and excludes it entirely in some Jumbo markets. But don’t rush to lock in your mortgage, it’s already too late.
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