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  • Bernanke Sees Deeper Recession Without Intervention

    It's the mantra among regulators and echoed by Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke on Friday: The recession -- pushed along by rising unemployment levels, plunging home values and growing delinquencies -- would be much worse had governmental bodies not stepped up to intervene.
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  • Bernanke Talks Elephants and 'Wild Bets'

    Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke defended the Fed's reaction to the financial crisis Sunday at a town hall-style meeting in Kansas City, Mo. Just under 200 people attended the meeting, which was taped by PBS for broadcast later this week.
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  • Feds Play Down Inflationary Risk, Warn of Deflation

    Through credit easing efforts -- cutting the federal funds rate effectively to zero, purchasing commercial paper and buying up to $500 billion in agency MBS -- the Federal Reserve has doubled its balance sheet in the past year to just under $2 trillion, Bernanke said at a press conference Wednesday.
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  • Stimulus Alone Isn't Enough: Bernanke

    There will be no lasting recovery without more government action and money to prop up the still ailing financial system, Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke said Tuesday. "The global economy will recover, but the timing and strength of the recovery are highly uncertain," Bernanke said in his speech to the London School of Economics. "Government policy responses around the world will be critical determinants of the speed and vigor of the recovery."
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  • Bernanke: Housing Continues to Weaken, Challenges Grow

    Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke softened his previously hawkish stance on monetary policy, suggesting in testimony to the Senate Banking Committee that policy makers have become increasingly uncertain about the direction of interest rates amid a roiling financial market that has become increasingly unraveled in the past week.
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