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    Should you be investing in cryptocurrency?

    A look at the turbulent world of initial coin offerings
    Initial coin offerings are the latest red-hot investment trend, seeking to disrupt the traditional means of raising venture capital for startup businesses and firms. The market itself has witnessed an incredible expansion in the last year, but as the cryptocurrency market explodes and new coins flood the market, is the Securities and Exchange Commission looking to cool down its rapid-paced growth? 
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  • SEC halts $600 million alleged cryptocurrency scam that aimed to revolutionize banking

    AriseBank claimed it was building the world’s first “decentralized bank”
    The Securities and Exchange Commission halted the operations of a company that claimed it raised $600 million in an initial coin offering as part of an effort to “revolutionize banking” using cryptocurrency. The SEC complaint alleges that AriseBank used social media, a celebrity endorsement (from Evander Holyfield, no less), and other tactics to raise hundreds of millions of dollars in just a few months.
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  • SEC says "first ever cryptocurrency backed by real estate" is a fraud

    Accuses REcoin’s founder of lying about initial coin offering
    Back in July, a company called REcoin Group launched REcoin, which it billed as the “first ever cryptocurrency backed by real estate.” But, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission, REcoin and its initial coin offering were a fraud designed to bilk unwitting investors.
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