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  • Does your mortgage technology measure up?

    Tips on how to choose and adopt the right vendor
    [Expert commentary] Today’s consumers are accustomed to making instant banking transactions and home searches from the palms of their hands, and they expect this kind of ease of use across industries. Ultimately, the best lenders are those who will bring greater transparency to the borrower, which often requires the adoption of new technology as it comes available. Here are different categories of technology every lender should be using and key considerations in choosing and adopting the right vendor.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Out of the shadows: How fintech is infiltrating the mortgage industry

    And what traditional lenders should be doing to adapt
    A study released in the National Bureau of Economic Research maintains that nonbanks, such as Quicken and loanDepot, essentially tripled market share for mortgage lending between 2007 to 2015. You read that right: tripled market share in less than 10 years. How is such a high level of disruption possible? Read on.
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