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  • NEXT announces second biannual women’s tech conference

    Lenders – you get a special price
    Last year, NEXT Mortgage Events, a creator of events for women mortgage executives, revealed its first conference that took place in January 2018: NEXT; now, it is preparing for yet another NEXT conference. And lenders get a special discount off their registration.
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  • Your top Millennial myths – and what the generation really wants

    Biggest want: technology
    There are many myths swirling about what Millennials want out of the home buying experience, and one expert helps sort out the truth from fiction. At the NEXT women’s mortgage tech conference, one panel explained one of the greatest myths surrounding Millennials is their preferred method of communication. Here’s more on what Millennials really want.
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  • Experts agree: Construction lending needs to change

    And here’s how
    At the NEXT women’s conference Thursday in Dallas, Texas, a panel of experts, moderated by our own Sarah Wheeler, managing editor of HW content solutions, gathered together to talk about the changes that need to come to the construction lending industry. Built CEO Chase Gilbert explained, “It’s a confusing and intimidating space but it doesn’t have to be.”
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  • 2018 will see refis plummet as interest rates increase

    Rates expected to rise 90 basis points by end of year
    At the NEXT 2018 women’s mortgage tech conference in Dallas, Texas, CoreLogic predicted the direction of mortgage rates in the upcoming year, and the consequences it will bring. CoreLogic’s principal economist explained, “One thing we know that’s happening is mortgage rates are going to go up.” Here’s what that will mean for lending in the year to come.
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  • NEXT mortgage conference kicks off by empowering women to stand together

    Attendants prepare to learn latest trends in mortgage tech
    NEXT, the mortgage tech conference for women, has kicked off, and its leaders began by describing the importance of women in not just mortgage finance, or tech, but in the business world. The conference is full of women from all over the U.S., ready to learn the latest trends from the mortgage tech industry, and the next two days should bring the latest trends to the forefront.
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  • Email: An incubator for the untapped business network

    And why we created NEXT
    [Expert commentary] There’s something called the “Hollywood handshake.” It’s when someone shakes your hand, but instead of looking you in the eye, they scan the room to see if there’s anyone more important to speak to. (We don’t like those people.)
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  • Check out this new mortgage tech conference just for women executives

    Mark your calendars for January 2018
    NEXT Mortgage Events, a creator of events for women mortgage executives, revealed its mortgage tech conference: NEXT. “NEXT helps women executives stay on top of the tech innovations that impact the success and longevity of their businesses. NEXT delivers hard content in a thoughtfully designed, comfortable environment,” said Jeri Yoshida, co-founder of NEXT.
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