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  • Party, Commiseration at Unique Fundraiser

    Let's be honest -- this year has been beyond unkind to anyone in the mortgage markets. And while much of the press has gone to the front-lines of the mortgage business, the folks involved in the real capital behind the industry have had it just as bad: the mortgage traders and analysts that provided much of the backbone for a now extinct private-party securitization market.
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  • Prepayment modelers can't keep up

    A secondary mortgage market expert I think extremely highly of emailed me last night with the following terse take on the state of the financial markets: I think we're on the cusp of another sewer break on the news front ... get your waders on ...
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  • Investors, seeking mortgage healing

    Reuters' Al Yoon penned a story Tuesday that does a great job of bringing together the idea of "high touch" servicing that we've been covering here at Housing Wire. (In fact, I'm beginning to wonder if HW invented the term -- we were the very first to coin it, and now it's being used everywhere. Which, of course, gives us at least something in common with the inimitable Stephen Colbert and his now-infamous coining of "truthiness.")
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  • Will Servicers Be the Next Victim of the Housing Crunch?

    Reuters' Al Yoon hits it out of the park today on the trouble that likely lies ahead for many of the nation's servicing shops, both large and small: "If they are not careful, servicers may be the next in line" to follow dozens of failed mortgage lenders, said Rick Smith, chief executive officer of Marix Servicing LLC in Phoenix, Arizona. "They are not getting more loans, but need twice as many people. How long can you operate at a negative cost of service?"
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  • Back from the Scrap Heap: Accredited Planning a Comeback

    A small footnote in yesterday's ASF 2008 program should have caught my eye -- an issuer presentation from former subprime high-flyer Accredited Home Lenders was on the schedule. Reuters' Al Yoon didn't miss the session, however, and found out that Accredited is planning a surprise return to the subprime mortgage bond market:
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