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  • Movement Mortgage, CEOs: The "one-click" mortgage is not the endgame for the housing business

    Top mortgage execs on why the human element won't disappear
    For the last several years, much of the narrative surrounding the housing business has been focused on the digitization of the mortgage and home buying process. Seemingly every day, there's another lender unveiling a digital mortgage process. And every few weeks, it seems as if there's another iBuyer joining the market, offering homeowners the opportunity to sell their home with the click of a button. But two of the top CEOs in the mortgage business said Friday that the "one-click" mortgage is not the endgame that so many people seem to think it is.
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  • Casey Crawford’s online Movement Bank takes off

    Movement Mortgage CEO's online bank venture is growing
    Back in June 2017, Movement Mortgage CEO Casey Crawford purchased First State Bank, a Danville, Virginia-based bank, with hopes of creating an online bank. Now that’s starting to pay off. In a new interview with the Charlotte Business Journal, Crawford explains that growth for the bank is going to be a “continual process” but many changes have happened already.
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  • Movement Mortgage CEO launches Movement Bank

    Will be owned and operated independently of Movement Mortgage
    Movement Mortgage CEO and former NFL tight end Casey Crawford announced a new initiative outside of his lending company, revealing the launch of Movement Bank. On Tuesday, the CEO unveiled a complete rebranding of the former First State Bank in Danville, Virginia. But while Crawford is involved in both companies, he emphasized that the two are owned and operated independently of each other.
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