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  • Traders tangled in Fed uncertainty

    Mixed signals keep traders guessing
    Traders are weighing in on an assortment of concerns and the threat of the Federal Reserve pulling back bond purchases, making it difficult for traders to sift through what evidence to act on.
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  • The more the Fed changes, the more it stays the same

    The Federal Open Market Committee is going forward with its highly anticipated quantitative easing, version 2. The program announcement should not be a shock, except that the secondary market participants were banking on a Treasury focus. It's still not quite certain that's what they got. "Fear that the Fed may whisper the word 'mortgage' initiated the emergency MBS buy and hold program," joked an MBS trader in a mass e-mail.
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  • Common misconception: Wall Street execs make all the cash

    CNN Money released a list of the top 20 highest paying jobs -- and to the surprise of many here in the newsroom -- not one position on Wall Street was listed. Indeed, financial firms employees are persona non grata. Yes, not one hedge fund manager, not one stock trader, not one bank executive, not one mortgage broker made the top 20. In short, no one who would read this website is on this list. What gives? We're working hard here!
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  • In defense of FHLB advances

    When I spoke to a trader at one of the two big banks that operate a covered bond platform in the U.S., he told me that his boss would always show a preference to Federal Home Loan Bank advances as long as there is no established covered bond platform in the U.S. Since then, I wrote an article that referred to advances from FHLB as being less efficient than covered bond financing. Well, the banks disagree. And in the spirit of balance and open dialogue in the financial markets, those concerns are republished below:
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  • What do stock crashes, your 401k, and Tom Petty have in common?

    This crossed my desk this morning, from a trader at JPM -- those of you in the secondary markets know well who this is from, but I thought I'd share. Make sure to sing in your best "Free Fallin'" impersonation, a la Tom Petty! There's no good bid, my 401k lost a comma. Help me Jesus, Greece and Portugal too! Hit another back bid, feels like I got kicked in the pelvis But I throw parties - at the Central Park Zoo. It's been a long day, just downed my fifth Stoli
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  • Pass Throughs Pass Treasuries

    Analysts in the residential mortgage-backed securitization (RMBS) arena report that 30-year pass throughs (coupons) outperformed Treasuries last week. While this is not an indication of a rally, the higher profitability of RMBS pass throughs may begin to entice more investors into the mortgage investment space. A pass through, a hallmark of securitization structuring, represents how much an investor gets paid after all fees and services are taken.
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