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  • Former Fed chair: Our economy is going off a cliff in 2020

    U.S. getting a stimulus at the wrong moment
    Former Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke confirmed what many experts are already predicting: The next recession is less than two years away. Despite the various reasons economists attribute as the cause for the next recession, they all agree on one thing: it’s just around the corner. Economists expect it will occur by 2020, if not sooner.
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  • Housing’s biggest questions going into 2018

    Here’s what to watch
    Cyber Monday shopping is in full swing, and finding the best deals online sudden starts to take over your screen as work falls to the background. But don’t worry, we have enough in this article to keep you in the know. Here are answers to five of the biggest questions in housing today.
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  • Mortgage industry stands behind Trump’s Fed chair pick

    Jerome Powell to begin four-year term in early 2018
    President Donald Trump nominated the next Federal Reserve Chair, and, pending nomination from the Senate, Jerome Powell will begin his new position in February 2018. Now, most of the mortgage industry stands behind the president’s pick, however some experts still have their doubts.
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  • Gary Cohn reportedly out of running to be Trump’s Fed chair choice

    Falls out of favor after criticizing Trump’s response to Charlottesville
    Despite President Donald Trump saying earlier this year that Gary Cohn is among the candidates to replace Janet Yellen when her term as Federal Reserve chair expires in January 2018, it appears now that Cohn may no longer be on Trump’s Fed chair shortlist. Cohn, who currently serves as the White House National Economic Council Director, reportedly fell out of Trump’s favor after criticizing Trump’s response to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia last month.
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  • Who's the next Fed chair? Trump lists Cohn as possibility, but says Yellen could stay

    Trump talks Federal Reserve in interview with Wall Street Journal
    Janet Yellen’s term as Federal Reserve chair is set to expire in January 2018, and she’s said on multiple occasions that she intends to fulfill her term. But is it possible that Yellen’s time as Fed chair could extend beyond that? In a new interview, President Donald Trump said that keeping Yellen as Fed chair is certainly a possibility, but added that Gary Cohn is also a possibility to lead the Fed.
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  • Yellen: Two Treasury reforms could send economy into recession

    Does not agree with all suggestions in Treasury report
    During her second day testifying before Congress, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen explained, in her view, some recommendations in the recently released Treasury report on regulatory reform could send the economy spiraling into a new recession. As it stands, Yellen doesn’t currently expect another recession in the near future.
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