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  • Millennials will spend 45% of income on rent before age 30

    Most rent burdened generation
    As rent prices continue to rise, a new study shows Millennials are paying about 45% of their total income toward rent, and pay close to $100,000 toward rent before they turn 30. Here’s how that compares to the generations before them, and what it means for the next generation.
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  • U.S. takes 4th place in renter population growth

    But only one country currently holds a renter-majority population
    The U.S. isn’t the only nation that’s seen an increase in renters and decrease in homeownership over a period of five years from 2010 to 2015. In fact, one country even saw a switch from a homeowner dominated population to a renter population during that time period.
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  • Renters take over nearly 25% of major U.S. cities

    Rentership growth outpacing homeownership in 97 of top 100 cities
    Over the past 10 years, the rental population increased dramatically, even outpacing homeownership growth in the majority of the top U.S. markets, however, a new study from RentCafé shows there’s still hope for the homeownership population.
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  • Rental listing service reports Baby Boomers leaving homeownership in droves

    Boomer renting population surges 28%
    Over the past few years, the largest spike in renters hasn’t come from Millennials, but rather, Baby Boomers. While it is unclear why Baby Boomers are suddenly turning to renting, some factors could include a change in lifestyle, consequences of the housing crash or an inability to downsize due to lack of affordable homes.
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  • Rental market finally starts cooling down

    When renting can outweigh buying a home
    A lack of growth in rents over the past four months represents the longest period of stagnation in recent history and the slowest annual growth rate in six years. Even some of the most notoriously expensive markets such as Manhattan, San Francisco and Boston saw a halt in monthly rental price growth. In fact, now, in some circumstances, renting can even save more money than buying a home.
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  • Here are the 5 most unaffordable cities in the world

    Considering median income, these metros are highly unaffordable
    The U.S. isn’t the only country seeing high rents. A new study from RentCafé showed the five most unaffordable cities in the world among top emerging or striving economies based on median income for the area. Even in cities where the median income is very high, it's still not always enough to keep up with rising rents.
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