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  • Don’t wait for disaster to strike — test the strength of your subservicer now

    This TMS checklist will make sure your borrowers get white-glove service at a critical time
    Unfortunately, natural disasters and hurricanes will happen. It’s on you to make sure borrowers are in the best hands possible when it happens. To test the strength of your subservicer, go through this check list to see how well they’d be prepared for a future crisis.
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  • From HW Magazine

    SIME provides transparency between lender, borrower and servicer

    Includes new borrower-facing mobile app, TMS Happinest Mobile
    While the industry as a whole has been laser-focused on creating digital loan applications to drive leads into their pipeline, TMS laid the foundation for a new way of doing business by focusing on the borrower first. Recognizing the need for innovation in servicing, TMS created a subservicing platform, SIME, Service Intelligence Made Easy, that allows more transparency between lenders and servicers.
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  • TMS promotes two key leaders

    Barbara Yolles and Pete Sokolovic promoted to new roles
    After launching Happinest, a homeownership solution, The Money Source recently announced the promotions of Barbara Yolles to chief strategy officer and Pete Sokolovic to president of originations. Notably, Yolles will be speaking at HousingWire’s conference.
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  • [Exclusive] The Money Source abruptly lays off 60 people

    Says layoffs will help its growth
    Mortgage lender The Money Source abruptly laid off 60 staff members Monday, a source close to the matter told HousingWire. The move seems to contradict TMS’ plan to grow its servicing portfolio to more than one million loans by 2022, but the company said these layoffs will actually encourage its growth.
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  • From HW Magazine

    2018 Rising Stars: Mike Mirshahzadeh

    CRO at The Money Source
    Mike Mirshahzadeh, chief revenue officer at The Money Source, began his career in the mortgage industry when he was 16 years old. Mirshahzadeh’s first job in high school was as a telemarketer at a mortgage company.
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  • TMS unveils homeownership platform Happinest

    Users could be eligible for up to $13,000 in cash back rewards
    On Tuesday, which also happens to be International Happiness Day, TMS announced the launch of its new homeownership platform, Happinest, a free online resource center for its members. The fintech company explained the new platform moves its mission beyond mortgage lending, to becoming a one-stop shop for homeownership.
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    Your borrower portfolio is your greatest asset, why hand it over to a pack of wolves?

    The future of servicing technology is here
    According to research TMS conducted, two thirds of lenders reported working with their subservicer feels like pulling teeth when they request portfolio reports, 87% equated handing their portfolio to a subservicer to handing their firstborn over to a pack of wolves. 100% reported need for improvement in subservicing.
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