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  • Fannie Mae looking to offload nearly $2 billion in re-performing loans

    Loans currently being serviced by JPMorgan Chase
    Fannie Mae is currently looking for a buyer (or buyers) to take nearly $2 billion in re-performing loans off its hands. The government-sponsored enterprise announced Tuesday that it is selling 9,400 re-performing loans that carry an unpaid principal balance of approximately $1.972 billion.
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  • Fannie Mae looking to shed $3.62 billion in loans from its books

    Multiple sales of non-performing and re-performing loans
    Fannie Mae is looking to sell off $3.62 billion in loans, as the government-sponsored enterprise announced Wednesday that its making approximately 8,600 non-performing loans and approximately 9,900 re-performing loans available for purchase. Here are the details.
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  • Fannie Mae selling $2.43 billion in re-performing loans to Goldman Sachs subsidiary

    MTGLQ Investors buying nearly 11,000 loans from GSE
    Fannie Mae just announced the results of its fourth re-performing loan sale, and the winning bidder is a familiar name - MTGLQ Investors, which is a “significant subsidiary” of Goldman Sachs. Over the last few years, Goldman Sachs used MTGLQ Investors to buy up loans from both of the government-sponsored enterprises by the truckload. In this latest sale, Fannie Mae is selling more than $2.43 billion in re-performing loans to MTGLQ Investors.
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  • Freddie Mac completes $292 million sale of previously modified loans

    Sold to Towd Point Master Funding
    Freddie Mac announced Tuesday that it completed the previously announced sale of approximately $292 million in previously modified loans from its investment portfolio to Towd Point Master Funding. This sale included 1,262 seasoned re-performing loans and moderately delinquent loans that are currently serviced by Select Portfolio Servicing.
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  • Freddie Mac selling off $292 million in previously modified loans

    Re-performing loans will be re-securitized by Freddie Mac
    Freddie Mac announced Thursday that it intends to sell off approximately $292 million in previously modified loans from its investment portfolio. According to details provided by the government-sponsored enterprise, the pool of loans consists of loans with step-rate modifications and loans modified under GSE proprietary modifications.
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