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  • Ocwen reports 'higher-than-hoped' $30 million loss

    But that’s still better than 2017
    Ocwen Financial continues to lose money, posting yet another loss, however, the company pointed out that the losses continue to grow smaller. Much of the company’s losses can be contributed to ongoing court fees and legal battles, which it continues to face in states across the U.S., and an ongoing restructuring effort.
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  • Freddie Mac reports $3.3 billion loss in Q4

    Will request draw from Treasury to cover loss
    Freddie Mac, while reporting a profit for the full year in 2017, posted a more than $3 billion loss in the fourth quarter. The fourth quarter’s net income posted a loss of $2.9 billion, and comprehensive income showed a loss of $3.3 billion. Here’s why, and what happens next.
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  • Zillow revenue hits record highs in first quarter

    Surges by 32% annually
    Zillow reported its first quarter earnings, showing revenues hit record highs. Site traffic also hit new highs, and the company updated its forecast for its full-year revenues. Now, if revenues hit the midrange of Zillow’s new forecast, it will represent an increase of 25% from 2016.
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