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  • Neat Capital launches app to deliver mortgage borrowers pre-approval letters in minutes

    App promises to deliver pre-approval letters to borrowers in three minutes
    Neat Capital, a fintech company, recently announced it launched an application that it says provides mortgage borrowers pre-approval letters in near real-time. By only requiring a soft credit pull, the app is designed to be valuable for buyers making multiple offers in highly competitive markets, the company explained.
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  • Neat Capital unveils digital mortgage platform, acquires Whole Loan Solutions

    Boasts 12-day loan closings
    Neat Capital, a Boulder, Colorado-based fintech mortgage lender that focuses on jumbo loans, announced that it launched a digital mortgage platform that offers “fast, transparent, and painless loan approvals” and boasts average loan closing times of 12 days. But that’s not all the company news of the day. Neat Capital also announced that it acquired Whole Loan Solutions.
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