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  • Homeowners are staying put, just not for as long as before

    After reaching a record high, homeownership tenure slips in Q1
    At the end of last year, the length of time that a homeowner stayed put hit a record high at an average of 8.17 years. But the latest data from the first quarter of 2019 reveals that the average tenure has begun to backslide as more Americans opt to relocate.
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  • High-turnover cities have greatest home price growth

    Study reveals cities strong correlation between the two
    In cities where the residents move frequently, home price appreciation is the strongest. A new survey by LendingTree revealed that on average, homeownership tenure is about seven years, and while the difference between the highest average tenure and the lowest doesn’t seem like much, the impact was evident on home price growth in those cities.
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  • American homeownership tenure is climbing

    What does this mean for the housing market?
    Americans are remaining in their homes longer than ever before, and recent data indicates that homeownership tenure has risen 10% just from 2017. But why are homeowners staying put and what does that mean for the housing market's future?
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  • Homeseller profits hit highest point in a decade

    Average seller gained $51,000
    Home sellers who sold their home in the second quarter this year gained the highest profit in a decade. The average seller gained 26% from their purchase price. While rising home prices is a factor in the increase, it is not the most significant factor.
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