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  • Is Trump about to pick a family associate to run HUD in New York?

    New York Daily News reports that Lynne Patton is choice to lead Region II
    Well, it’s a day that ends in “y,” and that means that the social media outrage echo chamber is in another tizzy about something that President Donald Trump did. But this isn’t about the president’s tweets about “fake news” or Russia. In this case, it’s about one of Trump’s supposed nominees for a top position at the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
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  • Secretary Ben Carson memorializes HUD family killed in Oklahoma City bombing

    Department lost 35 people on that tragic day more than two decades ago
    Today marks the 22nd anniversary of one of the largest terrorists attacks on American soil, and in remembrance of the day, HUD Secretary Ben Carson is at the scene of that terrible crime. Here is what Carson said about the victims and survivors of the attack, which included several HUD employees. May they rest in peace.
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