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  • Trump officially signs tax reform bill into law

    White House to celebrate in 2018
    Friday morning, President Donald Trump announced he would sign the sweeping tax reform bill into law, marking the first major legislative victory in his term. The signing was held in private in the Oval Office, and the White House event to celebrate the new law will be held in the new year on January 3, 2018.
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  • Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Republican committee passes tax reform

    Look to pass bill to president before Christmas
    It's the last week before Christmas! That means everyone is busy wrapping up the year and getting ready for the Holidays and 2018. Friday night, the Republican committee assigned to negotiate the bill, which strikes several compromises between the previous House and Senate legislations, including a compromise on the mortgage interest deduction.
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  • Republicans strike unified deal on tax reform

    Here’s what it means for the MID
    The Congressional committee negotiated the final tax reform bill and came to an agreement in principal. The committee struck several compromises between the House and Senate versions of tax reform, including what to do with the mortgage interest deduction.
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  • [VIDEO] House and Senate align on tax provisions that may reduce homeownership

    Experts: Shameful and dangerous mix of corruption, greed and incompetence
    In the middle of the night on Friday, the Senate passed a bill to completely overhaul the current tax system. But experts argue that while the House and the Senate will need to compromise on which version of tax reform to send to the president’s desk, they pointed out both bills are aligned on provisions that take away homeownership incentives.
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  • Preserving homeownership incentives – a national priority in tax reform

    Here's a better solution for tax reform
    [Expert commentary] The Community Home Lenders Association is very supportive of the goals of the pending House and Senate tax bills of providing tax relief for individuals and corporations and simplifying and reforming the tax code. And if this means reforming existing homeownership tax provisions in order to help finance these tax cuts, that is fine with us.
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  • Reforming the mortgage interest deduction: A chance for fairness for American taxpayers?

    Republican tax plan opens door to realign housing priorities
    [Expert Opinion] By doubling the personal exemption and proposing to halve the mortgage eligible for the deduction to $500,000, House Republican tax proposals have opened the door to a fundamental shift in the tax treatment of housing. This is a rare opportunity to realign federal tax support for housing to help all taxpayers – renters and owners.
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  • Senate tax bill keeps mortgage interest deduction intact

    House and Senate versions differ on housing cap
    The Senate is set to release its new tax reform bill today, and unlike the bill currently being debated in the House, it keeps the full mortgage interest deduction intact. Here's more about the Senate’s bill, and how it differs from the House’s reform bill released last week.
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  • How does the Trump tax plan impact real estate investment?

    Here's what's next if tax reform passes
    [Expert commentary] Outside the furor, the long-term impact of the tax plan is much grayer and has little impact on most Americans. The mortgage interest rate deduction benefits too few people in too few areas, and a broad-based decrease in taxes will ultimately benefit the housing market.
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